Awesome board games that were based on videogames
Board games are a great way to pass the time between friends. Just like video games, or any other...
Everything You Need To Know About The Justice League
Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s Justice League sees a terrible force threaten mankind. DC’s most iconic characters, Superman,...
Arrow, Flash and Supergirl – Week 12 Roundup
Supergirl S03E12 – For Good Central City’s most villanous man that everyone forgot is back, with an Edge. After a...
Tom Hardy Joins Netflix’s War Party

Tom Hardy is about to get even busier, as he joins Netflix’s forthcoming Navy SEALs drama.

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Filmoria’s Favourite Game Of Thrones Characters
Here at Filmoria we’re ridiculously excited for the return of Game Of Thrones, especially with that epic teaser arriving just a few days ago. Now, while it may still feel like an absolute age away from finally arriving – just over four months to be precise – we couldn’t... Read more
Titanic Is Officially The Nation’s Favourite Soundtrack
Some time ago before Christmas the team here at Filmoria came together to present to you our favourite movie soundtracks, culminating in an array of talented composers and classic theme songs, and now a new survey carried out has done just that, with Titanic coming out on top. James... Read more
Game Of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Trailer Arrives

Your first teaser trailer for Game of Thrones Season 7 is here!

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Cage Set For Amazon Prime Release
Set to be released on 3rd April via Amazon Prime, upcoming movie Cage is set to be a claustrophobic and thrilling encounter from the directorial talents of Warren Dudley. The director’s second feature, following 2015’s The Cutting Room, focuses on Lucy Jane Quinlan’s Gracie Blake as she finds herself... Read more
First Look At Lin-Manuel Miranda In Mary Poppins Returns

Here’s your very first glimpse of the Hamilton star in Disney’s forthcoming Mary Poppins Returns!

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First Look At Emily Blunt In Mary Poppins Returns!

Emily Blunt looks magical in this first image from hugely-anticipated sequel, Mary Poppins Returns.

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 13 – “Spectre of the Gun” Review
In a much more dark and real theme, Spectre of the Gun showcases Arrow‘s take on gun control. An extremely hot topic that can never be boiled down to 45 minutes, Arrow manages to present both sides of gun control through its main characters in an easy to follow format. Whilst... Read more
February’s TV Pick Of The Month: Big Little Lies

Featuring an all-star cast, and directed by the acclaimed Jean-Marc Vallée, HBO’s Big Little Lies is our must-watch new show this month.

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Mary Poppins Returns Begins Production; Synopsis Revealed
It was over 50 years ago now that Disney’s Mary Poppins first appeared on the cinematic horizon and since the year of 1964 it has been heralded as one of the true classics of its era and has since been transferred onto the stage due to its immense popularity,... Read more
Two Decades of Decorated Oscar Winners
With this year’s Academy Awards soon upon us and our full list of nominees gathered, it seems a good time to look back and reflect on some of the greats that have swept up the most Oscars in the past twenty years. Titanic With Titanic celebrating its twentieth anniversary... Read more
Rings (2017) Review

Rings (2017) Review

MoviesReviews 3rd February 2017 0

Samara returns for shocks and scares in the digital age with Rings. Here’s our official verdict of the horror sequel.

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