The Evolution Of DC’s Ultimate Villainess Harley Quinn
From her planned one-off appearance in Batman: The Animated Series to blockbuster stardom, over the years Harley Quinn has...
Tom Hardy Cast As Lead In Spidey Spin-Off Venom
Reported today over at Variety. British star Tom Hardy has been selected by Sony to star as Eddie Brock...
Top 8 DC Animated Films
There is no question the DCEU has many polarizing views, but what might not get as much credit as...
The Oscars 2017: The Results
On a night successfully hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the 89th Annual Academy Awards was filled with its fair share of surprises, laughs and a conclusion that will forever go down in Oscars history. A Sunday night that saw many predicting La La Land to storm through the ceremony with... Read more
10 Films You Won’t Believe Were Oscar Nominated
As the other awards ceremonies have now passed us by and we count down the hours until the Oscars finally declare the very best in film over this festival season, it has become apparent that some of the films included in the mix have garnered somewhat of a mixed reception. Aside... Read more
Margot Robbie Is The New Face Of Nissan Electric Cars…
If there was one woman currently enjoying plenty of limelight at the moment who you would choose to help to promote your new age of cars it would be Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie. Currently enjoying life as one of the most sought after actresses around, Robbie has starred... Read more
Matt Reeves Exits Talks To Direct The Batman

War for the Planet of the Apes director Matt Reeves will no longer be directing DC Comics’ The Batman…

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Warner Bros. Eyeing Mel Gibson For DC Comics Sequel

The Oscar nominated Mel Gibson is in early talks for the return of some of DC Comics’ baddest…

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La La Land Dominates Academy Awards 2017 Nominations

Chazelle’s postmodern musical La La Land equals the Oscar record for the most nominations with 14.

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David Ayers Pens Honest Message About Suicide Squad
It’s a film that was universally panned by critics, garnered a rather mixed response from audiences and yet still made a ton of money for DC and Warner Bros (a tidy $745 million to be precise), but it appears David Ayer still isn’t quite satisfied to leave Suicide Squad... Read more
Our Picks For Most Anticipated Film Of 2017
We love to bring you a group feature here at Filmoria. We just love writing them, we hope you enjoy reading them and they certainly give us plenty to talk about. So we thought why not finish off this year’s collaborative focus on the films we’re most looking forward... Read more
Stunning Teaser For Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling hunts down Harrison Ford in this electric first teaser for Blade Runner 2049

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6 Actresses We’d Love For Gotham City Sirens
Despite an apparent mis-step in the relationship between David Ayer and Warner Bros seeing Suicide Squad clearly chopped and changed to create critical havoc earlier this year, this week saw the confirmation that the director is to return to DC realms and bring to life Gotham City Sirens, fronted... Read more
Watch: Hilarious Suicide Squad Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers do their thing brilliantly with this hilariously accurate offering for DC Comics’ Suicide Squad.

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Two New Suicide Squad Extended Cut Featurettes Arrive
Like it or loathe it, Suicide Squad certainly made Warner Bros enough money to somewhat put a dent in the strong critical dislike upon its initial release. With many comments of distaste coming by way of the sloppy editing throughout the film, the studio have taken to following the... Read more