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The Biggest Female Badasses In Film
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Stat Wars: Star Wars By Numbers
Main villain Darth Vader only appears in A New Hope for 9.15 minutes Darth Vader however appears the most overall, 161.30 minutes across 7 films Length of lightsaber battles triples by prequels – going from 6.41 mins total in the original films to 17.95 mins across the excessive newer... Read more
Terrifying Transformations – Boggarts Reveal Characters’ Biggest Fears
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4 Tips for Making a Your First Movie
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Pop Culture’s Favourite Cars Through The Ages
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Which Version Of The Shining Is Better? Book Or Film
Words by Erik Winther Scary novels have captivated readers since Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1817, and scary movies have kept viewers enthralled since at least 1910, when no less a filmmaker than Thomas Edison released his 16-minute silent adaptation of that same novel. Many people enjoyed the stagy black-and-white movie, and... Read more
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Infographic: The Movies That Make Us Feel Claustrophobic
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The Best Stunts In Movies
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The Best Voice Actors In Pop Culture
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