Most Memorable Movie Scores
Most Memorable Movie Scores In any action movie, a powerful music score is essential to set pulses racing and...
62nd BFI London Film Festival In Partnership With American Express® Announces 2018 Competition Winners
JOY – Sudabeh Mortezai, wins Best Film Award in Official Competition GIRL – Lukas Dhont, wins Sutherland Award in...
Akshay Kumar’s ‘Gold’ Becomes The First Bollywood Movie To Release In Saudi Arabia
Megastar Akshay Kumar starrer ‘GOLD’ took the Box Office by storm as soon as it hit theatres. The film...
Everything You Need To Know About The Justice League
Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s Justice League sees a terrible force threaten mankind. DC’s most iconic characters, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman and Aquaman must band together to defend the Earth. Ahead of the release of Justice League, out on digital download March 12 and on 4K... Read more
Cinema’s Greatest Motley Crews
A motley crew is defined as an assembly of individuals of various backgrounds, appearance, and character that come together for a single cause. Utilising this as the centrepiece of a narrative has been a hallmark of cinema for many years now, leading to some of our most beloved films... Read more
Top Games To Get You Prepped For Game Night
We all love a good Game Night, and we all love the feeling of winning…especially when it’s against a smug friend who seems to win. Every. Single. Time. Some games, though, are guaranteed to get you more riled up than others. Our competitive side likes to wreak havoc occasionally,... Read more
The most interesting and unusual horror movies expected this year
The last year was marked by the release of good horror films highly appreciated by critics and the public such is It, Annabelle: Creation, The Cure for Wellness and others. Maybe, these movies can not claim to be the best horrors of all time, but evidently they completed successfully their... Read more
Top Films To Watch This Valentine’s Day
This Valentine’s Day let us at Filmoria light those candles, put on a wonderful three-course meal and finish it all off with some great suggestions for film’s to top that romantic night off. Feast on these little beauties that are sure to get sparks flying… Bridget Jones’s Baby After... Read more
10 Best Movies about College and College Students
Not all college movies portray specific college experiences. The part of students maturing to grownups gets missed sometimes. Many tend to focus on the loud parties and teenagers’ raging hormones. Regardless, they are still fun to watch. They remind us why the college experience is exciting. Other times, you... Read more
Flip Out This Pancake Day With A TV And Movie Toss-Up!
To celebrate Pancake Day on 13th February, streaming service NOW TV has enlisted pancake extraordinaire, Nathan Shields to dish-up portraits inspired by TV & film personalities who star in movies and series currently available on the streaming service. In the wise words of Nathan, “life’s too short for round... Read more
Gloriously Evil: Best real-life villains in film history
Watching real life stories portrayed on screen is almost more horrifying than completely scripted horror films, because of that exact fact – it was once real life. To mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of Batman: Gotham by Gaslight on February 5th, which features one of the world’s best-know... Read more
Black Panther: The New Age Of The Superhero
Black Panther is one amazing Marvel character. Created as a comic book character in the same decade as Thor and Iron Man, he finally has his own movie. This king of the fantastical country of Wakanda in Northeastern Africa is known as the Black Panther in his sleek and... Read more
10 Oscar Snubs That You Won’t Quite Believe
As this year’s Oscar nominations are revealed, you may be upset to see that your personal favourite has been missed of the list. But while the awards are spread, rightly, wider and wider, it still leaves a lot of movies out in the cold, and it always has. So... Read more
Dry January – 10 Movies To Enjoy Instead Of Going Out
After a whirlwind of cocktails, heavy food and constant Christmas themed partying, it’s hardly surprising that you may want to give the infamous ‘Dry January’ a go. But what to do when the pub is simply off limits? Well here at Filmoria we’ve teamed up with #MovieWeekender to provide... Read more
Cinema’s Greatest Disaster Movies
To celebrate the home entertainment release of Geostorm, which arrives onto 3D Blu-ray™, Blu-ray™ and DVD on February 19, here at Filmoria we’ve looked back through the archives at some of the greatest disaster movies to ever hit the big screen. From true life disaster to Dwayne Johnson saving the day,... Read more