Everything You Need To Know About The Justice League
Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Entertainment’s Justice League sees a terrible force threaten mankind. DC’s most iconic characters, Superman,...
Alicia Vikander Unveils The Tomb Raider Experience
Oscar- Winning actress, Alicia Vikander, unveils the new Tomb Raider Escape Room, the world’s first Escape Room using film...
New Tomb Raider Trailer Packs Plenty Of Punch
Brawler. Hunter. Survivor. Lara Croft is back. Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander stars in this fresh adaptation of the action-adventure. Join one...
The Flash Season 3 Episode 11 – “Dead Or Alive” Review
In this week’s episode of The Flash, entitled ‘Dead or Alive’, Cisco spoke of being invested in one member of the team and that spoke volumes in the whole framework of this show and indeed this particular episode. Here we have a show which builds its foundations upon this... Read more
Lego Launch Super SigFig Creator Online
To coincide with the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, Lego have launched a fun Super SigFig Creator on their official site for the new film. Where you can create your very own custom Lego SigFig superhero or villain to share online and play on The LEGO Batman Movie games.... Read more
Katherine Heigl Leaves Behind Rom-Coms In The Dark Unforgettable Trailer
Katherine Heigl is one of those actresses that you would instantly mention when the rom-com genre is mentioned, it’s just an absolute given. The former Grey’s Anatomy star has been a bridesmaid more than enough times in 27 Dresses and locked horns (and lips) with Gerard Butler in The... Read more
Latest LEGO Batman Movie Featurette Goes ‘Behind The Bricks’

Go “Behind the Bricks” with this awesome new featurette for The LEGO Batman Movie!

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Warner Bros Team With Werble For Exclusive Photo App
With Live By Night now in cinemas, Warner Bros have this week announced a special partnership with Werble, a new British app that allows mobile phone users to utilise film grade special effects on their photos for free. The partnership is the newest way to market specific films and,... Read more
The Flash Season 3 Episode 10 – ‘Borrowing Problems From The Future’ Review
After what felt like a lifetime over the festive period and the majority of January, The Flash finally returned to The CW this week as we felt the aftershock of Barry (Grant Gustin) thrusting himself into the future and witnessing Savitar murdering his one true love, Iris (Candice Patton).... Read more
The Flash And Supergirl Musical Crossover To Air In March
No, you don’t need to rub your eyes and try those tricks to make yourself wake up, you read it correctly, The CW superhero shows The Flash and Supergirl will be part of a crossover once more – only this time they’ll be going all musical. It’s no secret... Read more
David Ayers Pens Honest Message About Suicide Squad
It’s a film that was universally panned by critics, garnered a rather mixed response from audiences and yet still made a ton of money for DC and Warner Bros (a tidy $745 million to be precise), but it appears David Ayer still isn’t quite satisfied to leave Suicide Squad... Read more
DC’s Shazam To Be Split Into Two Films
It was only last week that Dwayne Johnson, set to star in this year’s R-rated Baywatch movie, put on Instagram a picture of him at DC’s offices and explained how he’d had some very exciting talks with executives there. At the time we knew it would be something with... Read more
Watch The Enticing Extended Trailer For The Return Of Arrow
Recently we brought to you an article explaining how we thought that Arrow had turned the corner once again and seemed to be back to its best following somewhat of a lull over the last season or so. Thankfully, by the close of Season 5, which saw the series... Read more
Watch: Incredible Injustice 2 Story Trailer

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible new story trailer for Injustice 2!

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The Flash Season 3 Mid-Season Review
The Flash has fast become one of the most popular and enticing superhero shows on television, bolstering The CW’s weekly scheduling and continuing to prove that when television is involved, DC and Warner Bros have it nailed. In anticipation for the return of the show to American screens next week,... Read more